urban planning
We help cities, companies and communities to make conscious decisions on spatial development
GeoClever is
Russia-wide geography
Awarded with gratitude by
the Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation. Licensed for geodetic and cartographic surveys for provincial and municipal borders’ delineation
System approach
Urban planners, architects, cadastral engineers, economists, cartographers, GIS-analysts, members of ISOCARP
Comprehensive analysis based on reliable information. Use of engineering survey materials, open data, results of quantitative and qualitative urban research
Over 200 projects for territorial development across Russia since 2013
Territorial planning

Regional strategies, general plans of cities and settlements, zoning ordinances, urban design standards and others
Cartography and spatial analysis
Spatial data analysis, urban studies, data visualisation, maps, courses on GIS software
Geodetic measurements, preparation of technical documents for the real estate cadastre

Cadastral surveys
Consulting on land and property issues, support on procedure for transferring a land plot from one category to another
Land management
  • Activities
  • Territorial planning
  • Cartography and spatial analysis
  • Cadastral surveys
  • Land management